Bike Fit & Selection

Cycling is a wonderful sport / recreational activity.

However, it’s important to make sure that your bike is the correct fit – both to ensure maximum enjoyment but also to make sure you are safe and reduce the likelihood of injury. 

Whether you are considering buying a new bike or just want to make sure your current bike is set up correctly Clean Wheels can help.

Our Bike Fit is centered around you and your bike, with a focus on achieving the right set up that meets your needs and incorporates:-

  • Frame size – height (stack) and length (reach) 
  • Seat height
  • Seat position
  • Stem reach and angle
  • Bar width
  • Crank length 

Before investing in a new bike or replacing components on your current bike – A Bike Fit can help you make the right choices

Many people believe that cycling is one of those activities that require people to endure a level of discomfort! Be that back pain, numbness or tingling (hands, legs, arms, bottom, neck, etc.), stiff neck and hip pain to name but a few! Nothing could be further from the truth – in almost all instances, improving your bike set up (Bike Fit) can help with all of the above, not to mention making your cycling more enjoyable and rewarding.