Trail Side Repairs Courses

Cycling is a wonderful sport / recreational activity.

However, given the nature of the activity you would be extremely lucky if you never encounter some sort of mechanical breakdown at some point in time.

Clean wheels can help you to prepare for this so that you are comfortable and relaxed to deal with whatever happens, allowing you to complete your ride safely.

This course includes:-

  • Make sure you have the right kit (tools and spares) with you on all cycle rides
  • Kit recommendation that goes beyond tools and spares
  • Understand what changes you need to make to your kit for different types of cycle rides

                                     o Solo

                                     o Group rides

  • Options for carrying your repair kit
  • Giving you the confidence to know how to use the tools in your kit
  • Making the right informed choice – “continue as planned” or “head for home”
  • Skills to make trail side repairs
  • Emergency adjustments to your bike set up to keep you cycling
  • Short cuts & improvisations 

Our trail side repairs coaching can be undertaken on a one to one or group basis. Venue and timing can be tailored to individual / group requirements.

You will get the opportunity to get “hands on” - working on your own bike to give you the confidence and experience to deal with real life situations as they arise.

One to one sessions start from £40.00

Group sessions start from £35.00 per person