Cycling is a wonderful sport / recreational activity.

Hopefully the following will help, but if you have a question beyond most shown below, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Q1. How often do I need to clean my bike?

There is no hard and fast answer to this – it will depend on how much you use your bike, what type of cycling you do and the conditions you cycle in.

Q2. Why should I have my bike valeted / serviced?

As you cycle, your bike picks up dirt from the road/path – this gets into all the working parts of your bike and if left will adversely impact how well your bike works and ultimately lead to parts of your bike wearing out prematurely to the point where they need to be replaced.

It’s cheaper to clean and protect than replace!

Q3. Where do you valet / service my bike?

Depending on what your bike requires we can either carry out the work where you work/live or, if required, we can undertake work at the Clean Wheels workshop.

Q4. If work is carried out at Clean Wheels workshop do I need to deliver and collect my bike?

We can arrange to both collect and then deliver your bike back to you once work is complete. Additional costs may apply.

Q5. What do I do if I am not sure what my bike requires?

Get in touch and we can talk you through the different options to help you decide what your bike needs.

Q6. What qualifications do Clean Wheels have in relation to cycle mechanics and coaching?All mechanical work is carried out by an IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) qualified cycle mechanic and all coaching activities are carried out by British Cycling (level 2) qualified coaches. All have completed their First Aid training and are DBS checked.

Q7. How long will it take to valet / service my bike?

That will depend on what work is required, if your bike needs any additional parts replacing, where the work is carried out and what work we have booked in. A straight forward valet can be completed in as little as couple of hours at your preferred location.

Q8. Do I need to book?

To avoid disappointment it’s always best to book.

Q9. How does the booking & payment system operate?

The process is simple: - 

1. Contact us to discuss what is required and make booking.

2. We agree a time and date.

3. You pay 50% deposit.

4. Work gets completed.

5. Bike is returned with balance paid on delivery.

Q10. What happens if during work we recognise your bike needs new parts?

Should we find that your bike needs any parts replacing we will contact you first to advise details and associated costs – you then have the option to accept our recommendation of not.

Q11. Do you offer any discount for valeting / servicing multiple bikes?

Yes we do offer discounts. Basically the more work that is done the more you save; there are a range of options to save money and full details are on our "Cycle Services" web page but if you have any doubts / question, please get in touch

Q12. Trail Side Repairs – What is this and why might it be useful?

It’s almost guaranteed that at some point in time your bike will require some maintenance whilst you are cycling. In most instances this might be a simple puncture repair but it could easily be something more extensive.

Clean Wheels Trail Side Repairs coaching is designed around the following:-

  • Know what you should carry with you whenever you go for a cycle (on your own / in a group).
  • Understand how to use the required tools to fix mechanical problems.
  • Make informed decisions to either continue or head for home.
  • Complete short term mechanical fix to keep you going / get you home.
  • Share some simple tips to keep you safe.

Q13. Bike Fit – Why bother?

A bike that does not fit you is not a good idea. It reduces the enjoyment of cycling and has potential to lead to injury and unnecessary discomfort. We all need to get the basics right in terms of bike size and set up - This can also save you money and reduce the likelihood of injury in the long term.

Q14. Corporate Clean Wheels – What is this?

Many employers are now investing in making sure their employees are as healthy and happy as possible. Cycling has a part to play as many employers recognise the health benefits cycling brings. They may also participate in the national “Cycle to Work” scheme and in some instances providing cycling facilities at work can be part of a legal commitment employers have agreed to.

Corporate Clean Wheels offers employers the opportunity to make sure employees bikes are in good working order. Depending on the number of employees involved we can provide a mechanic for ½ or a full day to come to your work place.

Our mechanic can valet (wash and clean) your bikes, making simple repairs to ensure they are in good working order (replacing gear and brake cables, tuning gears & brakes as well as making sure all the moving parts are correctly lubricated). We can also check bikes and give advice on any potential future repairs that might be required.

Clean Wheels would typically look at 2 to 3 bikes an hour, max 10 bikes per 4 hour session.  

We can also offer group coaching sessions if you have some employees that like the idea of cycling to work but lack the confidence to get on their bikes.

Employers normally cover the cost of Clean Wheels for their staff as a way of encouraging employees to cycle to work, adopting a more healthy daily routine.