Corporate Services

Clean Wheels can visit workplaces, schools, community centres or events to help get tired or neglected bikes back on the road.

What we offer

Our mechanic can :

  • Valet (wash and clean) your bikes 
  • Make simple repairs to ensure they are in good working order

               -  fixing punctures (fitting new inner tubes) 

               -  replacing gear and brake cables

               -  tuning gears & brakes 

               - ensure all moving parts are correctly lubricated

  • Check bikes and give advice on any potential future repairs of defects that might be required

Simple, efficient and cost-effective, a Clean Wheels cycle surgery is a great way to encourage cycle commuting at your workplace; help meet the objectives of any Green Travel Plan, help staff adapt to a reduction in car parking and contribute to staff physical and mental well-being.

Clean Wheels would typically look at 2 to 3 bikes an hour, max 10 bikes per 4 hour session.  

Businesses often cover the cost of Clean Wheels for their staff as a way of encouraging employees to cycle to work, adopting a more healthy daily routine.

We also offer group coaching sessions if you have some employees that like the idea of cycling to work but lack the confidence to get on their bikes.



Clean Wheels - Half a Day (4 Hours)                    £300


Clean Wheels - Full Day (7 Hours)                        £500