Bike Valet


It’s hard to keep your bike clean, particularly living in Yorkshire, and if your cycling adventures include going off road then its almost impossible – Pure and simple.

All bikes work better when they are clean, well maintained and properly lubricated.

Our valet service is specifically designed to give your bike a proper clean allowing you to spend more time cycling.

Having your bike valeted regularly will also help to ensure you get:-

                                   · The full life span out of your bike and all it's components

                                   · Avoid large repair and replacement bills

So what does a valet include?

  • Step 1    Full operational check and visual inspection – Identifying any areas of focus 
  • Step 2    Initial water wash – remove loose / surface dirt
  • Step 3    Chain cleaned with good quality chain degreaser
  • Step 4    Full hand wash with good quality bike cleaner / degreaser
  • Step 5    Cold water rinse
  • Step 6    Displace rinse water
  • Step 7    Hand Dry
  • Step 8    Individual component* – Secondary water displacement 
  • Step 9    Re-lubricate (chain / gear mech / seat post / QR axles) 
  • Step 10  Final clean & polish

For every bike we valet we also provide a full inspection report. This lets you know the condition of your bike and alerts you to anything you need to be aware of.

* Individual components included within step 8 are:-

Chain                                 Pedals                                         Suspension Forks (upper legs) 

Rear gear mech               Front gear mech                       Gear Shifters 

Seat post                           Seat post clamp                        QR axle skewers 

Brake levers                      Brake callipers                          Stem

Headset                             Bottom Bracket